Are you new to the world of TrueCommerce, and want to have a general knowledge of EDI? Have you been with TrueCommerce for awhile and are still unsure as to what EDI is? Then The World of EDI course is for you!

The first step into understanding the world of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Learn how it is used to better serve your business, optimize efficiency, and streamline accuracy. This course will help you learn the basics and broaden your understanding of what is happening behind the scenes.

Dive into the world of X12 EDI, a form commonly used in North America. This course will help you understand the structure of X12 EDI Data and familiarize you with basic transactions and how they are used.

The Advance Shipment Notice, or EDI 856, is a commonly used transaction in the exchange of X12 EDI. This course will walk you through some of the different types of ASNs, the structures of the ASNs, and provide some clarity on this somewhat complex transaction! This course is built specifically for Transaction Manager users.